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Are you slightly dental-phobic?

We understand that the dentist may be an overwhelming and stressful situation for a number of people.
Our dentists are trained to treat dental-phobic patients with gentle care and without judgement. We have successfully treated many anxious patients and have been able to continuously lower their anxiety with each visit. Upon request, we offer patients nitrous-oxide (happy gas) or oral sedation to help make appointments more comfortable.
Nitrous Oxide (Happy Gas)
Nitrous oxide is a colourless gas that is inhaled before and during your appointment. It settles in quickly within a few minutes and produces a sense of increased relaxation and calm. It does not knock you out, you will remain awake for the duration of your appointment. After your appointment, it takes a few minutes to get back to normal, leaving you to continue on with your day.
Holdsworth House Dental Practice
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We have been operating in the Darlinghurst community for 17+ years.  We offer affordable, non-corporate, non-rushed dentistry. The vast majority of our patients have been with us long-term. We never over-service as our mission is to ensure you have an excellent experience and wish to return and maintain the health of your teeth!

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