Child Dental Benefits Schedule

What is the CDBS?


The Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) provides eligible families with children aged 2-17 years old with access to a benefit of up to $1,000 for eligible dental services over a 2 calendar year period. More information on the Child Dental Benefit Schedule can be found here.


At Holdsworth House Dental Practice, we charge fees in line with the Medicare Schedule. This means that for the bulk of treatment, you will receive a 100% refund from Medicare.

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Is my child eligible?


The CDBS is means tested by the Government.

Your child is eligible if:

  • They are eligible for Medicare;

  • They are between the age of 2 and 17 years old for at least 1 day that year; and

  • You, or they, receive an eligible payment at least once that year. Eligible government payments include the Family Tax Benefit Part A and the Parenting Payment.

Holdsworth House Dental Practice
Unable to claim the CDBS?

No problems! Holdsworth House Dental Practice charges child-sized fees for your children. Our dental practitioners are all very friendly and approachable and will ensure that your child will have a stress-free dental experience

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