Toothaches and emergencies


If you are experiencing discomfort or pain in one or more teeth, it is important that we can diagnose the problem and relieve your pain as soon as possible before it gets worse.


Our caring dentists will offer you best advice in a no-judgement space and provide gentle treatment to suit even the most anxious patients.

Dental Emergencies Holdsworth House Dental Practice
Do you get nervous at the dentist?


We understand that the dentist may be an overwhelming and stressful situation for a number of people.
Our dentists are trained to treat dental-phobic patients with gentle care and without judgement. We have successfully treated many anxious patients and have been able to continuously lower their anxiety with each visit. Upon request, we offer patients nitrous-oxide (happy gas) or oral sedation to help make appointments more comfortable.
Holdsworth House Dental Practice
Our Dentists

Our dentists are Australian-trained and have decades of experience in emergency and general dentistry. Trevor and David are empathetic dentists and will provide you with gentle care and a judgement-free space.

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