Snoring Sleep Apnoea | Holdsworth House Dental Practice
Snoring Sleep Apnoea | Holdsworth House Dental Practice
Is your snoring a problem?


Does your snoring annoy your partner? Do you ever find yourself waking up tired? You might be suffering from a sleep disorder.


Alongside your medical GP, we work in conjunction with sleep specialists to offer sleep studies to diagnose and treat any sleep disorders.

CPAP is not the only solution!


Although CPAP therapy in the gold standard in treating patients with sleep apnoea, it is not the only solution to help you improve your sleep. In conjunction with your medical GP, we can analyse your sleep study results to see if there are other ways to help you reduce the severity of sleep apnoea.

Snoring Sleep Apnoea | Holdsworth House Dental Practice
Our Dentists

Both of our dentists at Holdsworth House Dental Practice have experience detecting and treating patient with snoring and sleep disorders. They have had specific sub-specialised training in this field - Dr Trevor Morris throughout Australia and Dr David Lee having completed a mini-residency at Boston's Tufts University in 2017 specifically on sleep disordered breathing.

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