Our COVID-19 response

You may have some questions regarding how we are dealing with the arrival of COVID-19 in Sydney. We have implemented some changes to our protocols to make visits to our practice a low risk experience. Treatment should continue much as normal.

  1. We are sending a second SMS confirmation message asking any patients who may be at risk to contact us by phone. If you are unsure, a practitioner will speak with you.

  2. On arrival you may notice some small changes. Magazines have been removed from the reception area and replaced with hand sanitiser.

  3. All other surfaces have had unnecessary items removed.

  4. We will be disinfecting all door handles and flat surfaces each hour.

  5. Staff will not work if they have any respiratory infection or are unwell.

  6. We may run just a little slower as we adjust to these additional procedures.

It is quite likely this virus will spread further in our community over the next few weeks. As it is a new respiratory virus, no-one has resistance through previous exposure or vaccination. It will consequently travel more quickly through our community than the more virulent influenza virus. In time a vaccine will likely become available or possibly currently available medications may prove helpful. Until then, you should be aware that for the majority of us such an infection will present like a common cold. A proportion may need hospitalisation and it has been reported that three percent may die. Those at greatest risk are people over 70 years of age and those with significant medical conditions. A sudden large demand for hospital beds would be a heavy burden on our medical system. The majority of us who are at low risk of becoming severely unwell can help by trying to avoid becoming infected for as long as possible.

How can I avoid infection?

  1. Move away from people who are coughing or sneezing. Two metres is considered a safer distance.

  2. Human beings have been shown to touch their face about 28 times per hour. Most infection is likely from touching an infected surface and then touching one’s eyes nose or mouth.

  3. Avoid touching unnecessary surfaces and avoid touching your face.

  4. Use hand gel frequently when in public spaces such as public transport, shopping centres and gyms and when possible, hand wash with soap and water rather than using hand sanitiser.

Be assured that at Holdsworth House Dental Practice, we always take infection control very seriously. Whilst this represents a new challenge for us to manage, it is within our capabilities to do it well. We will update our procedures in line with recommendations from relevant governing bodies as they are released. We value your confidence in us and your continued support.

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As a result of the recent COVID-19 developments in NSW and on advice from NSW Health, we are recommending that ALL patients bring a mask/face-covering to use whilst in the waiting areas of the clinic.