What is Zoom teeth whitening?


The Zoom teeth whitening system, with their advanced blue LED technology, delivers dramatic results in minimal time. Stains from food and drinks, ageing and even from smoking can be reversed in a short space of time.  


At the end of your treatment, you’ll receive a customised maintenance kit so that you can keep the brightness of your smile as long as possible.

Zoom Teeth Whitening Holdsworth House Dental Practice
Are you worried about teeth sensitivity?


Teeth sensitivity can be a temporary side effect of teeth whitening and can be due to a number of causes. However did you know that the skill and care of the dentist plays a large part in minimising teeth sensitivity from teeth whitening? Feel free to speak to one of our dentists to discuss ways to help reduce this inconvenience during and after your Zoom teeth whitening treatment. 

Holdsworth House Dental Practice
Our Dentists

Our dentists at Holdsworth House Dental Practice  are Australian-trained and have decades of experience in general and cosmetic dentistry treatments. Trevor and David work in conjunction with our hygienists to provide you with the best possible outcome for your teeth whitening procedure.

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