About Us

Dedicated dental care and personalised service in a safe, no-judgement environment since 2003.

Our Values

A bespoke approach to dentistry

Unwavering dedication

At Holdsworth House Dental Practice, our close-knit team ensures your dental health receives the utmost attention. We take pride in our ability to facilitate open discussions between practitioners, maintaining a consistent and elevated standard of care for every patient.

Patient focus

Amid the competitive landscape of healthcare, we stand as your partners in prioritising patient needs. We make it our mission to provide clear insights into treatment necessity, rationale, and available alternatives. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction with your treatment journey's outcome.


We understand the fast-paced lives our patients lead. Rest assured, we value your time as much as you do. Our commitment to punctuality guarantees that appointments start on schedule. If unforeseen delays arise, you can trust us to promptly communicate any adjustments.

Our Rooms

Nestled in the heart of Sydney's downtown, our contemporary, fully-equipped facility creates a warm and inviting ambiance, prioritising your ease and comfort throughout your visit.

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Elevate your dental wellness

Our dedicated dental professionals are ready to accompany you on your oral health journey, providing tailored services across a comprehensive spectrum of dental care. Experience firsthand the transformative impact our team can bring to your dental well-being.